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Fendi Eyeglass Case

This Fendi eyeglasses Case is a microfiber hard Case that does its job well, it is able to shoes cleaning cloth with a small amount of harsh detergent. It also renders a gift box for added value.

Small size - Fendi Black Hard Shell Eyeglasses Leather Case with Cleaning Cloth
New Authentic Fendi Twist Black Hard Leather Eyeglasses Case

New Authentic Fendi Twist Black

By Fendi Twist


Fendi Eyeglass Case Walmart

This is a brand new authentic Fendi twist black hard leather eyeglasses case, it is a first rate Case for shoppers who are always on the go. It is moreover first-class for enthusiasts who ache for the protection that eyeglasses cases offer, the cases for Fendi eyeglasses are always well made and look great. This Fendi eyeglasses Case is a first-rate accessory for your outfit, it is a black triangle Eyeglass Case with hard protective carcase. It is fabricated to protect your sunglasses and keep them safe and clean, it is a top-grade addition to your look and make a statement. Looking for a stylish and protection- resistant eyeglasses case? Don't look anywhere than the Fendi case! This simple but effective Case provides limited glass and sunglasses should one necessary with or without sunglasses very easily and quickly, whether carried around or always at hand, this Case is a first-class addition to each wardrobe. This Fendi Eyeglass Case is an outstanding addition to your sunglasses and repertoire, it is produced of brown cloth and imparts two small empty sunglasses frames fitted within. The Case is with a large green Fendi logo, the Case is further large and offers a comfortable shoulder strap. This Fendi Eyeglass Case is a best-in-class way for people who are wanting for an empty sunglasses frame Case that will provide them with a comfortable and simple solution to the problem of carrying sunglasses.